MacLeod, roaming and The Next Web

Kudos and thanks to the highly proficient Martin Bryant, European Editor of The Next Web for including me in his recent piece on data roaming. Thank you Martin. Do follow Martin on Twitter here: @MartinSFP

Here’s the link: Why using data on your phone abroad is so expensive, and how to save money

It’s a seriously comprehensive post that summarises the challenges, the costs ($19.46 per meg from Sprint, roaming in the UK… ouch!) and some possible solutions including the likes of Onavo, Droam and my personal favourite, Abroadband.

Screen shot 2011 06 07 at 17 06 28

Do have a read and let me know what you think.

CAUTION: If you’re a mobile operator, I strongly recommend closing down your web browser and avoiding clicking through.

By Ewan

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