Free WiFi in all Tesco stores? Good idea!

Here’s a note I picked up from MobileToday:

The new service will allow smartphone, tablet and laptop users to surf the internet while browsing the aisles for their weekly shop at no cost.

via Mobile Today | Tesco to offer free Wi-Fi in stores.

I think this is only going to help Tesco in the long run. Provided the WiFi was of sufficient quality, this would certainly help me decide whether to go to Tesco, Sainsburys or Waitrose. As a man, I really don’t care where I buy products like, say, a 6-pack of Diet Coke). If there’s good parking, I’ll probably prioritise that store. If there’s super quality free WiFi? Yup. That helps my decision.

Often, mobile signal in stores is really, really bad. There’s one Tesco store near my parents’ place that seems to act like a faraday cage. Highly inconvenient when you’re trying to call to query a purchase.

Of course, I never call. Well, I rarely call. I’d sooner use BBM. Or Google+. Or email.

So bring on WiFi. Nice one Tesco.

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