Heading to the BlackBerry launch event this morning

This morning is all about RIM. Today there’s a media event to which the
world’s press (well, the UK lot, anyway) are invited. The expectation is
that RIM will be launching some new hardware. Bring it on.

I won’t be surprised to see a few services chucked in there but the focus
should hopefully be hardware.

And boy does RIM need new hardware. The BlackBerry-dedicated news sites
have been traumatised of late in this regard. Only a few weeks ago, a
rather poorly worded tweet from @BlackBerry seemed to be announcing
three new devices. Even the mainstream media picked it up. Alas, it was
about something completely different.

I think it’s fair to say that we’ve been starved of RIM hardware news.
Yes, the 9900 looks absolutely fantastic — and we know that’s coming.
But, have you got anything else for us, RIM?

Here’s hoping. I will be tweeting away with updates this morning from @ew4n.

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By Ewan

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