Vodafone: “Forget that text we sent on Monday”


Do you remember my post from Monday about the price change notification text I got from Vodafone? The text included a non-functional URL which, I thought, was a little inconvenient as I wasn’t able to see what prices were changing.

Well, it didn’t matter anyway! That’s because the company has, it seems, changed its mind. Or made a dramatic U-turn.

Here’s the message they sent today:

From Vodafone UK. On Monday you received a text about price changes. The changes have been put on hold. We’ll contact you when we have an update

Interesting, eh? I wonder what the back-story on this is.

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4 replies on “Vodafone: “Forget that text we sent on Monday””

Maybe they’ve suddenly remembered that customers can use tariff changes to get out of their contracts, and there’ll be a load of people who bought an iPhone 4 last year who may be itching to get out of it in readiness for 5…

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