My live test of the Vodafone store in Bracknell

My wife’s iPhone 4 is borked.

It fell off a sofa on to a wooden floor. This caused a huge crack in the screen.

I therefore needed to get it fixed.

My wife popped into a Vodafone store recently and they explained it would cost at least £150 to replace the screen.

Fair enough. My policy is not to bother with insurance and just to replace handsets as necessary, rather than blowing hundreds of pounds a year on insurance payments.

Anyway this weekend I decided to pop into Vodafone and ‘sort it out’.

You know what this means, right? Although Big Red is very good, replacements and repairs are a bit of a challenge logistically.

Here’s the first video I made sitting next to the Vodafone shop in Bracknell:

How did Vodafone perform? Did I experience a catalogue of mishaps and slightly annoying sales folk? Were my expectations met?

Here’s a video of the results..

[By the way, a few folk were wondering ‘why Bracknell’? It’s because I’ve moved to Ascot now — and Bracknell is the nearest store!]

By Ewan

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