Vodafone: Pay less with us while you wait for the iPhone


I saw this ad in todays Evening Standard newspaper.

It’s a new one that I haven’t seen before. For that, I’m thankful.
Operator innovation is really thin on the ground these days.

That said, what I see here falls into the category of ‘marketing
innovation’, rather than wholesale new excitement.

The concept is simple: If you’re looking for a new fancy handset (iPhone
5, anyone?) in the next few months, why not jump now? Why not migrate to
Vodafone today? And whilst you’re waiting, take advantage of their (pretty
good) SIM-only contract option (600 mins, 3,000 texts, 500mb data) for
£17.50 a month — on the basis of a 3-month commitment.

Obviously it’s not just the iPhone en route. It’s September now which
means we’re about to get exposed to a whole host of new devices targeted
for the Christmas season.

It’s nice marketing for their SIM-only product. It demonstrates the light
is most certainly on at Vodafone — in the marketing team at least.

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By Ewan

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