Your iPhone remotely controls the AppSpeed Monster Truck — yes please!

A radio controlled truck? I’m already interested. With the ability to control via your iPhone (or any iOS device)? Put it on the Christmas list right now!

Yes! The chaps at Dexim have created an iOS-controlled ‘vehicle’ — a Monter Truck. It’s described as ‘the first product offering’ but I can also see a remote controlled racing car available too.

You can control the truck either from the touch sensor controls on your iPhone, or — and this is the wickedly cool science bit — you can use the iOS gyroscope to direct the truck’s movement. Love it.

Here are the details from the Dexim product page:

Compatibility: compatible with iPad 2, iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone3GS/3G,iPod touch 4G, 3G, 2G (iOS4.0 or later).
US Frequency: 2.4GHz
Effective range: 12-15m
RF output power to 10dBm@3.3V
Car charging time: 10-15minutes

2.4GHz — that’s WiFi right?

This kind of stuff tickles me pink. I really did like the concept of the Parrot AR.Drone but with a mini-me at home who, aged 15 months, doesn’t quite get the concept of ‘delicate’, that would be a potential disaster.

But the Monster Truck? I’m thinking of buying one just to entertain him.

Here’s what it looks like:

And here’s how the app looks on your iPhone:

I really like the concept of steering using the gyroscope.

Dexim report that you can control the truck as far away as 50ft. You can also engaged some pre-set modes that zig-zag or spin the truck — or, if you want to really show off, you can make it dance.

A must for every office and kitchen!

The truck will retail for $69.99 — so about fourty quid or so. The app is available free from iTunes. Job done. When are you buying one?

Having a look on the Dexim site, it appears operator o2 are one of the UK distributors so you should be able to pick one up there soon. If I can find one, I’ll buy it and do a quick review. Then I’ll spend hours entertaining the toddler with it.

Update: I heard from Dexim PR — the truck comes with a transmitter that plugs into your iOS device and communicates with the truck. So it’s not using Bluetooth of WiFI connectivity.

By Ewan

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4 replies on “Your iPhone remotely controls the AppSpeed Monster Truck — yes please!”

I was thinking maybe it could be neither, but then the iPhone can’t just spit out any old 2.4GHz signal 🙂 That would be some seriously impressive SW-radio functionality!

Perhaps Wifi really has got cheap enough for £40 toys. That would be really something, wouldn’t it? Are you buying one?

I really liked the idea of the Parrot AR.Drone but the price put me off.

Whereas this I can see buying!  Interesting about O2 being listed as a reseller!

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