Buying a Lumia 800? Get it on Vodafone and take their Data Test Drive

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The other day I briefly wrote about Vodafone’s new Data Test Drive service. I’d seen a sign outside the Vodafone shop in Richmond and liked what I saw.

I like the innovation.

Someone at Vodafone has clearly been drinking some Mountain Dew.

Here’s how it works.

You sign-up for a new smartphone contract at Vodafone. You balk when they tell you that the standard contract arrangements include 500mb.

Is that enough, you wonder?

The chap behind the counter explains that if you go over 500mb, you’ll be charged £5 for every 250mb of data you use.

You begin to panic.

How much should you buy?

Well, relax.

For three months, Vodafone will let you use as much data as you like. I wouldn’t go nuts downloading terabytes of data, but you should feel free to actually use your smartphone as you intend. Vodafone won’t charge you a penny more.

Once the 3 months are up, both you and Vodafone will have a good idea of your average usage. And at that point you can set your data price plans. You might opt to add another 500mb or stay where you are.

I think this is a sensible and smart addition by Vodafone to help combat the worry and stress that we all feel standing at the contract table signing our lives away.

Find out more about the Data Test Drive here.

And for the sake of balance, I should point out that if you actually intend using a TON of data, Vodafone might not be the best network for you. Check out Three, for example, Just make sure you don’t act like a total idiot and end up having to cancel your account out of embarrassment. Yes. That was me (full details).

By Ewan

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