Nokia Lumia 800 is now available for hands-on in EVERY Phones4U store nationwide

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Do you like what you saw from today’s Nokia World show? Are you keen to get a look at the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone? Well then, do not pass Go. Head straight for your nearest Phones4U store across the United Kingdom.

*EACH* Phones4U store has a Nokia Lumia 800 on-site right now. Today. Ready for you to play with. I kid ye not. It’s a special promotion that the team there have created with Nokia.

I’m impressed with the ingenuity. What a super idea!

It’s going to result in a heck of a lot of foot traffic to Phones4U I’m sure.

But it’s not just about looking, oh no.

You can actually pre-order immediately.

And I’ve got prices too. You’ll be able to pick up the Lumia 800 from Phones4U from just £26 per month (I’m presuming that’s on a 24-month contract — I haven’t checked that precise stat as I got the £26 from the chap I interviewed today — more on that in a moment). If you’d like to push the boat out a bit, Phones4U are offering a little more for those on £31+ price plans:

In addition to being offered the chance to test drive the Nokia Lumia 800 FIRST in ANY Phones 4u store before deciding to preorder, customers will also receive a FREE accessories package when they preorder the Nokia Lumia 800 on £31 and above tariffs, exclusively from Phones 4u. The accessories package, worth £49.99 includes a Nokia BH-111 headset in white, for wireless music and calls in quality stereo sound, and a Nokia TPU silicone soft cover in white.

Yes please. I think that’s worth the extra.

The £31 price plan is available from either Orange or Vodafone, both on 24-month contracts. If you pre-order now (either in-store or online) you’ll get your brand new Lumia on the 16th of November.

We heard a lot about retail collaboration at today’s Nokia World. Phones4U are getting stuck-in dramatically, thus:

Four of Phones 4u’s ‘top’ UK stores – Oxford Street, Stratford Westfield, Birmingham High Street and Leeds Briggate – will receive full store takeovers that include Nokia demo hubs with live devices and plasma TVs, and 3D Vortex Windows, all showcasing the new Nokia Lumia 800. A dedicated hero pod with live demo device will also feature in ALL Phones 4u stores across the UK

I look forward to seeing that.

I was at the Phones4U Oxford Street store today — I filmed a hands-on there. Standby. I’m about to post it.

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