Yet another reminder why Apple really isn’t enterprise ready

I have long maintained that in enterprises a lot of folk are willingly looking the other way from a security standpoint. Remember when you were able to access an iPhone by simply pressing a few buttons on the lock screen? Or rooting the device by simply visiting a website? Here’s another golden gem from Charles over at The Guardian:

Here’s a neat hole in the iPad’s security, as shown by Cesare Garlati of BringYourOwnIT in the video embedded above. See that guy reading his business email on his super-locked-down enterprise device? The one which locks instantly and needs a passcode?

OK, here’s what you do: after he’s put it down from reading his email (that bit is important), grab it and slap on a Smart Cover (if it hasn’t got one; all the best thieves use them).

Press the power button at the top until you get the “Power off” message; flip the smart cover over the iPad so it shuts off the screen; flip it back open, and then press the “Cancel” button

via iPad security hole lets you bypass lock screen by using Smart Cover | Technology |

PlayBook anyone?

Now then let’s see how fast Apple fixes this. Seriously, there are ultra senior executives wandering around the planet right now with market moving information on their iPads. The moment someone manages to sneak a peak at some acquisition documents or pre-release numbers — and the moment that goes public — the ramifications for Apple could be considerable.

This is why most banks won’t dream of moving off BlackBerry. Fundamentally, you need the basic stuff to work.

Fat lot of good the Exchange 7-character security PIN number is when the device is left on the train and all you need to do is stick on a Smart Cover to see what’s going on.

Don’t leave it for 5 weeks Apple. Get a fix out pronto.

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