$41 off an iPad 2? Black Friday looks pretty shit!

Black Friday!

Black Friday!


Spend money!

It’s Thanksgiving this week in America which is why anyone you’re trying to contact in the States is either ignoring you, has their out-of-office on, or they’re being a wee bit slow in responding. I’m told it’s their equivalent of Christmas and I’ve seen enough movies to recognise that it’s a bit of an event there in America.

What also comes hand-in-hand with Thanksgiving is the all this Black Friday jazz. It’s very much like Boxing Day here in the UK — i.e. the day after everyone’s got together, had the meal and now they’re bored. And what better thing to do than go shopping, right?

It is meant to be, you know, interesting and exciting, this whole Black Friday thing. I’ve had 5 or 6 emails from Apple telling me about their “Black Friday Event”. It’s not a day. It’s an event.

Interesting. Interesting. Especially if they do some proper deals.

But no.

Intomobile reports that a leaked Apple flyer will say you can save a whopping $41 on an iPad 2.

Now if you were going to buy an iPad, yeah this is quite useful.

But really? 40 dollars off? What’s that? A cab ride TO the shopping mall and then the first course at The Cheesecake Factory?

It’s better than nothing, but it’s not something I’d describe as ‘an event’.

$100 off — now that would be a bit more exciting. Or a half price iPad if you buy [whatever]. Or buy 4 iPads get the 5th one free.

I thought the whole concept of Black Friday was that you could get brilliant deals? (As apposed to ‘meh ok thanks’ deals).

Have you seen anything advertised in the tech arena that’s made you sit up with interest in this regard?

[Update: I should point out that hopefully we’ll see lots of premium apps offer a nice discount for this weekend. That would be good to see.]

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2 replies on “$41 off an iPad 2? Black Friday looks pretty shit!”

Pretty much marketing 101 if you ask me, can hardly blame them.

It’s the only day of the year they actually do discounts, and it’s perfectly coherent with regards to their marketing strategy: if you want to position your goods as premium you shouldn’t excessively play the discount game.

If you want deals on Apple products the best place is the refurb section at the bottom left of the online store. And it’s open all year round, not just the worst day of the year for useless impulse purchases.

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