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There’s a rather interesting event taking place this Friday at Battersea Power Station in London. It’s billed as day for developers and entrepreneurs to get together to celebrate how much the individual can active in today’s tech industry.

When I think about it, things have changed dramatically than when I really got stuck into the world of business back in the late 90s. The ‘connectedness’ that we all enjoy almost automatically nowadays thanks to the internet just simply wasn’t there decades ago. It was next to impossible to connect with the right people quickly and easily. Witness, for example, the entrepreneurial exploits documented (and executed) by the likes of Tim Ferris: Come up with an idea on Friday night, source/develop the product on Saturday morning, stick it on Google (i.e. Google ads) on Sunday morning and turn over a million dollars in 30 days. It’s those kind of concepts that were totally unrealistic years ago.

Now, though, through the power of one… well, it’s doable. It’s possible.

There are so many services available nowadays that, when harnessed correctly, really can enable one person to orchestrate a whole business with just a four-hour-work-week. Anyone who’s followed a little of Mr Ferris will know what I’m on about. If you’re curious, check out his book.

Services like elance, odesk and 99designs put labour and expertise front-and-centre, manageable at a click. Indeed, it’s no longer a click. It’s most likely a few taps on a smartphone or an iPad. Indeed, get it right and ‘work’ means a few taps from your sun lounger in the Maldives most days.

There’s quite a lot of rose-tinting going on in the previous paragraphs — but my key point (and, I think the key message with the Power of One event) is that there’s so much less friction nowadays for a single individual out to get things done.

The speaker list is looking absolutely fantastic: Jason Calacanis, Sam Ramji, David McCandless, Charles Arthur, Yosi Taguri, Richard Kramer, Elizabeth Varley and Morten Lund.

The event tickets are a highly reasonable £99+VAT. You can pick them up here. I’ll see you there!

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

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