Great feedback on Orange’s Pocket Landline service

A little while ago I picked up some news from Orange about their new Pocket Landline service. It enables anyone to add a landline number to their account that will then redirect (at no additional charge) to your phone number. Great if you want to look local but you don’t want the hassle of managing an actual landline.

Well, reader Dmitri decided to take up the offer. I think it’s pretty accurate to say that his expectations were set to rock bottom when he phoned up initially as the Orange person didn’t seem to know much about the service. However all was not lost:

Today (a day-and-a-bit-later) I get a call from a knowledgeable person who asked me what prefix I want. Five minutes later she calls back and confirms the line is working – I am pleased with the number they picked for me. I promptly received an SMS and an e-mail with the summary of everything and later on I’m going to set up the service and see how it really works!

This is good news.

One point that Dmitri makes is that, unfortunately, he can’t call out from that number:

I just discovered a slight disadvantage to this feature. If, say, I want to call somebody, they’ll be seeing my mobile caller ID and not the pocket landline caller ID.

Still.. it’s good to see positive feedback about an operator service!

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  • You posted the same quote twice

  • Yes, dialling out (and showing the PL number) would require the use of some number spoofing app, which is bizarre to say the least!

  • Swift Web Solutions

    dont ever buy this services from orage . Within two months they ripped us off for £400 on data usage . They took no action as they said you have used it so you have to pay .

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