Can the iPad revolutionise rural Agriculture? Yup…

It’s simply fascinating to watch just how the iPad has been embraced by all sorts of seemingly unlikely industries. Fast Company reports below on the use of tablet technology to help support and manage rural agriculture. Yet another +1 for the iPad, eh?

The iPad is a luxury toy. It’s also a powerful, adaptable tool. That much has become obvious over the past two years as the device has made its way into classrooms, cockpits, and hospitals.

The iPad’s fairly steep price, however, has kept it firmly entrenched in the developed world. That’s starting to change, as evidenced by efforts from Exprima Media and coffee importer Sustainable Harvest to bring the iPad to coffee co-ops and farmers in East Africa, Mexico, and South America.

via Can The iPad Revolutionize Rural Agriculture? | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation.

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4 replies on “Can the iPad revolutionise rural Agriculture? Yup…”

ipad is a robust device for any application. Apart from the high price tags of the device, the technology of ipad caters to all the needs of a wide band of enterprise description. Farmers in developing countries might not be able to cope with technological advancements due to lack of exposure and education to handle the device. I hope the UN along with respective governments should initiate mobility in farming.

I’m sure Nokia did this about a trillion years ago! Devices, and services, geared around delivering things like long range weather forecasts, crop prices in differing local markets and even a mobile banking scheme. But back then a slightly modified Nokia handset wasn’t sexy or cool. It was functional. And we all now that just being functional isn’t enough now.

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