Bubble Over Barcelona: It’s the only place to be this Wednesday at #MWC12

There’s a new event happening at Mobile World Congress this year. It’s founder, Matthaus Krzykowski, is just about the coolest, most knowledgeable and most opinionated mobile chap I know. His connections are ridiculously good. To put on the event, Matthaus has combined forces with the public relations whirlwind that is Candace Locklear of Mighty PR and Jacob Mullins of Shasta Ventures. (I haven’t met Jacob, but any friend of Matthaus and Candace is a friend of mine!)

The event is called Bubble Over Barcelona and it’s being held in the uber-funky Museo del Rock (The Rock Museum) which is directly across the road from MWC. It starts at 11am and finishes at 2pm. Cool! Here’s the description from the website:


This 3 hour event is designed to be a place where edge-pushing companies can cross pollinate with each other and also meet up with the many venerable operators and device manufacturers who converge on Barcelona from all over the world.

Now then, let me be clear: The connections and the contacts you’ll make from standing in the same room as Matthaus and Candace will be brilliant. So being able to attend their mini conference should be highly valuable. The key point is that they’ve created a focus for the Silicon Valley disruptors and innovators attending MWC to congregate for a short space of time. This needn’t take you out of MWC for too long at all.

They’ve scored Lars Kamp, top man at Accenture Mobility, for the keynote. Their panels are being moderated by some of the best mobile and tech media folk in the business. And the panelists are a veritable who’s who. Alcatel, Telefonica, Waze, Twilio, Urban Airship. Yup. It’s going to be a very interesting mini event. All things being equal, I will definitely be there. With BELLS on.

There’s an outside chance I won’t make it because the baby will have arrived. In which case I could well be rocking little baby [insert name] whilst watching the BOB live stream. If you aren’t making the trip to Barcelona, definitely check out the live stream.

Tickets for the event are £125 and there are THIRTEEN left as of writing. Just thirteen. Please, please, please be quick and register now.

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