Ouch: One man’s experience of ‘the Orwellian nightmare’ that is Apple, laid bare

Here’s a stimulating description of one man’s experience trying to get Apple to do the right thing…

Apple has become the Orwellian nightmare that it warned us about some 30 years ago. A huge vehicle of sameness backed by legions of newthink practitioners, gleefully cheering as Big Bully annihilates one thoughtcriminal after another.

Apple may be profitable, but it’s not well. Something is wrong at the highest levels, and if I was strongly tied to the company financially, I might be worried. Although blinded by Apple’s success in the near-term, I don’t think history will judge the company favorably.

via Seattle Rex vs. Apple: The Verdict Is In | Seattle Rex.


  • AJ

    Definitely not a good experience but does it really shine a light on Apple.  I doubt anyone at a senior level in Apple would be able to read this without a sense of shame.  This story probably says more about the problems running big companies than Apple itself.  My only experience of customer service with Apple was nothing less than brilliant.  I broke the screen on my Macbook more than a year after the warranty had expired and they still fixed it for free.  I was lucky and got the right person at the genius bar but I made a promise to myself that day never to buy any other brand ever again.

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