TechCrunch on Nokia: “Nobody ever got fired for buying Microsoft”

A positive note from the chaps over at TechCrunch on Nokia — along the lines of my piece last week.

As bad as Nokia’s financials look right now – a $4 billion drop in sales won’t make anyone’s day – don’t consider the Windows Phone move a failure just yet. They’ve done what many phone companies have thus far failed to do – namely change swiftly with the times – and, more important, they’ve done it quite admirably.

via Nokia May Be Down, But They’re Not Out | TechCrunch.

The Lumia 900 is still the number one selling handset on Amazon US. That can only be good news.

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3 replies on “TechCrunch on Nokia: “Nobody ever got fired for buying Microsoft””

Was it really that swift of a change? Had they release a WP based phone a 1-3 months after the announcement that that would have been a swift change. It seems like it forever for them to release their first one, and they’ve not exactly released a large range of them since then.

Releasing a handset is a seriously complex job. It used to take Nokia 18-36 months to do this. Getting ONE handset out in the same year was a brilliant performance!

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