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Join me, Ben & Rafe for a live recording of 361 Degrees in London


I hope you’ve managed to take a listen to the 361 Degrees podcast that I produce with Ben and Rafe.

Ben runs Wireless Worker, Rafe runs the All About Symbian / All About Windows Phone sites. That gives us a combined distribution into the millions (thanks mostly to Rafe).

We’re now on our third rather popular series. I’ll need to get up to date stats from Ben (as he’s the webmaster for 361) but last time I asked, we had tens of thousands of listeners — just brilliant.

Each week we pick an issue (or series of issues) and explore it — or, at least, dig in around it.

We’ve got a special coming up though: We’re going ‘live’ again.

We did this for the Nokia World 2011 event back in September last year during Series 2 and we’re bringing the format back again. It was rather interesting to do the whole thing ‘live’ in front of an audience, especially when they’ve got access to alcohol. You had to be a Nokia World attendee to come along to that one though.

So thanks to both Nokia and leading digital agency LBi, we’re bringing back the live recordings — this time it’s open to all.

I strongly recommend coming along. For anyone who’s been to Unlimited Drinks (the MIR networking events) you’ll find the live recordings a familiar experience.

Think: Nice surroundings, free drinks and really good networking with uber smart people. I’m just looking down the public guest list and goodness me it’s a veritable who’s who so far. I think there will be a considerable amount of heckling. I reckon the questions will be fantastic.

The format is ‘Question Time’ — myself, Rafe and Ben and then an array of panelists. So far we’ve got the utterly eloquent Ilicco Elia. He’s Head of Mobile at LBi (and, as former Head of Mobile for Reuters, the man behind their inspired mobile strategy). We’ve also got the painfully smart mobile hotshot Ed Hodges. Ed is Head of Mobile, Business & Commercial at Royal Bank of Scotland. Previously he was the man responsible for sorting out Tesco’s mobile app strategy.

Ilicco and Ed will be brilliant. We’re aiming to add a few more guests. More on that soon.

The timings and details look like this:

When: 11th June 2012

Where: LBi HQ, Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London E1

What: Part meet-up, part podcast recording… Starting with “Mobile Question Time”* a panel of mobile experts will debate topical (mobile) questions from the audience, all followed by drinks and socialising.

Doors: 6:00pm
Panel starts: 7:00pm
Networking until: 10:00pm

More info: Eventbrite

I think the panel will be entertaining. The networking will be second to none. If you’d like to meet some of the mobile influencers of London, come along.

We’ll need to be sharp with the timings I think as I reckon there will be a lot to be said. Ben will chair the discussion (he’ll be our David Dimbleby) whilst Rafe and I will join the panelists fielding questions from the audience. The resulting discussion will then be published as a special edition to the 361 Degrees podcast feed.

Now then, if you’d like to join me, all you need to do is register for a ticket. It’s free. You need to be really, really quick though. We’ve only got a total of 50 spaces. Ben and Rafe published their announcements of the event a few hours ago and the available spaces has now reduced to 32 already.

The event is generously sponsored by Nokia and by digital agency LBi — thank you chaps! We’re hosting it in LBi’s event space and, goodness me, you will be thoroughly impressed with their offices. Think warehouse chic meets science laboratory.

See you there!

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