140 million iOS users are sending 1 billion iMessages every day

I wanted to document this one from yesterday’s WWDC keynote. I’ve been looking out for some statistics from Apple about the adoption of iMessage. 140 million iMessage users is a highly impressive number in itself, given the platform only launched last year.

(Interestingly, RIM’s BBM site reports over 50 million BBM users who send 100 billion BBMs each month — so it would appear that BlackBerry users are far more active than iOS users.)

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3 replies on “140 million iOS users are sending 1 billion iMessages every day”

So the average iMessage user sends 217 per month which is more than the average UK texter of 154 – yikes!

So that means that 140 million of the 365 million Apple users did not notice the blue bubbles, and therefore did not switch it off. Right?

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