Is it time to go PAYG?

Everywhere I look it seems that Pay As You Go customers are getting a better deal. Have you seen this T-Mobile in-store offer recently?


By Ewan

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3 replies on “Is it time to go PAYG?”

this is the argument i had with T, & vodafone when i was with them. i need international calling but contract prices are too much. vodafone charge £1 per min. i only wanna call Dublin. i had a payg account with O2 bak in September [that £10 p/m & get 3000 landline mins tariff] but axed it in january cos those people are just not able to run a network and did nothing but screw up my account every month. [they are on my list of Vile companies!] im now with 3 and at sum point will add international Add On.
I was told by sum one at Big Red that they focus more on payg as there are a lot of customers from other countries with family back home.
Rant Over!

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