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Review–Moshi Concerti iPad Case (2, 3rd Gen)

I have been trying out the Moshi Concerti as my  full time case for my iPad (3rd Generation) for over a month now. I have tested the case for so long partially because I wanted to do a substantive review, but mostly because I am lazy and have trouble making time to blog.


As anyone who reads my near quarterly posts for MIR knows, I am a Speck fanboy. However, I’m not so much of a fanboy that I can’t admit I am pretty impressed with the Moshi Concerti.


Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Concerti is the arrangement of the iPad when it’s in the case. It is is tethered (via a rubber sleeve) to the right side of the iPad, not the left like you might assume. So when you prop up the iPad, you have to turn it upside down (so the “top” or front of the cover is face down) and then tilt the iPad to (an impressive number of) different angles. The reason for this unusual layout is actually not an oversight. It is because by tethering the rubber sleeve around the right side of the iPad, the Concerti allows access to the rear camera on the left side. So there is no ugly hole on the back of this case, the absence of which is especially nice since it would be for a camera that you rarely (if ever) use.


There is also an elastic strap that you can use to either lock it while shut (a la Moleskine), or to secure it in its widest angle of being propped up. The natural friction of the rubber does a good job of providing enough grip to support the rest of the propping angles.


The Moshi Concerti is 55 bucks (US) directly on their website or on Amazon (Prime eligible!), which at first blush seems a little steep, but it makes sense after seeing it in person, given the quality of the materials and the build. The outside is a synthetic textured sheen (but not a shiny shell), the inside of which is a really nice synthetic suede. The iPad fits snugly inside the aforementioned form-fitting rubber sleeve. The sleeve fits my 3rd Gen iPad perfectly, but not sure how it would be on an iPad 2 (although Moshi says it is supported).

The Concerti adds considerable thickness to your iPad’s profile, but not an unreasonable amount of weight–but I suppose this is partially the point of having a case. The thickness give you the confidence to toss your iPad on the couch or bed and not worry about doing any damage. You’d never purposely do so of course, but even if it drops from a reasonable height your iPad should be okay.


In summary, should you get it? Well, that’s up to you read below for my Pro/Cons. Money/affordability is subjective, but I do feel if you have $55 worth of disposable income, you won’t feel fleeced after spending that on the Moshi Concerti.


  • Really nice materials, good tactile feel
  • Configurable to many different viewing angles
  • Attractive, with no camera hole in back
  • Offers good protection


  • Suede/rubber on the inside attracts dog/cat/human hairs like a freaking magnet
  • Unusual arrangement takes a little getting used to
  • Adds considerable thickness to your iPad’s profile
  • Volume/rotation buttons inaccessible when iPad is propped up

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