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A slight improvement from 3UK’s sales outreach team!

For the last few days I’ve been getting calls from 0800 358 4487. They never leave a voicemail. They never send a text. I thought it was the 3UK sales team and today, when they called for the fourth time, I was able to pick up. And yes indeed it was a nice Indian chap calling from 3UK.

He asked to speak to Edward MacLeod. Heh. I can forgive that. Pronouncing my name is not the easiest thing to do especially if English isn’t your first language (It’s “You-an”, in case you were wondering.)

The chap then took me through the deal he was offering. Would I like a Nokia Lumia phone for £12 a month? He didn’t specify *which* Lumia model but given the monthly contract value I suspect it wasn’t the Lumia 800. Probably the 610?

“No thanks,” I said, gazing at the Lumia 610 on my desk. (I’ve been doing a long term test of that device for some time and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed — that’s for another post though.)

“Perhaps for another family member?” the chap prompted.

“No, I think they’re fine,” I said.

I expected the chap to politely hang up after that.

But he didn’t. And that’s a bit of a change on last time.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?” he asked.

“Well, I’m thinking about getting a new iPad and a new iPhone 5,” I replied, “But I don’t know if you can help me with that can you?”

“Yes I can,” he replied.

I was just testing. I’m ok with both my iPad and iPhone. I wanted to see if he’d actually entertain selling me anything other than the £12/month Lumia deal. Back in May, I seriously criticised 3UK’s limited approach to phone sales. Previously their sales chaps have been restricted to only selling a single deal. If you ask to buy something else, they’ve had to politely decline.

Based on this one call I had today, it seems they’ve changed things around.

The chap made it clear he could sell me an iPad. He also pointed out that the iPhone 5 probably won’t be available until the end of October — I do think this is a “worst case” viewpoint designed to prompt me to buy an iPhone 4S rather than wait.

Unfortunately I wasn’t in the mood for buying today. Still… nicely done 3UK.

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