Sybase 365’s Olympic SMS traffic stats: Fascinating reading

Sybase 365 is one of those biggies in the industry that you don’t necessarily hear a lot about, generally because they’re usually busy getting on with the job in hand — namely, processing almost 2 billion text messages every single day.

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about them so I think there’s an opportunity for a quick primer: Sybase 365 is the mobile arm of computer industry behemoth, SAP. They reach 99.1% of the planet’s mobile subscribers through their SMS gateway connectivity (about 5.2 billion folk) and they connect with 900 global operators. There’s more info here.

Given the team at Sybase 365 know a thing or two about SMS, it was rather illuminating to receive their Top 5 Olympic Moments as measured by SMS activity at the time.

Right, here we go — in reverse order…

– – – – –

5. TIE: We have a tie in last place, with the last medal awarded at this year’s Olympics going to Ugandan Kiprotich who won the men’s marathon, making him the second Ugandan to ever win Olympic Gold. SMS traffic jumped by 36% as we celebrated his achievement and watched the final medal of 2012 go round his neck.

5. TIE: The same SMS traffic peak was recorded as Andy Murray won the first men’s Tennis singles gold for Great Britain since 1908. SMS traffic shot up to 36% above normal with Brits celebrating the monumental win for Murray, and his revenge on Federer, with friends and family.

4. Spectators gasped as our Queen parachuted into the stadium with James Bond during the Opening Ceremony and shared their surprise with family and friends as SMS traffic jumped 40%.

3. As Team Great Britain won the gold medal in the Men’s Team Cycling Sprint, winning Sir Chris Hoy his 5th Gold medal and putting him on a par with Sir Steve Redgrave, SMS traffic jumped 46% as spectators celebrated much loved Sir Hoy’s monumental achievement.

2. When Team GB entered the stadium as the only nation competing in all 26 sports SMS traffic jumped by 56% as the Brits swelled with pride at the sight of their mighty team.

1. Almost 900 million people watched part of the Opening Ceremony according to the International Olympics Committee, and as The Parade of Nations entered the stadium, SMS traffic jumped a huge 137%.

– – – – –

Thanks to the Sybase 365 team for sending this over!

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