Are you frustrated by Nokia?

That’s the topic I’ve just written almost 1,800 words about. I then sent it out to the fabulous readers of my TinyLetter newsletter list. If you’d like to get these diatribes as well as frequent updates (and questions) from me, get yourself signed-up at

I’m still experimenting with the whole TinyLetter medium. I’m not quite sure on the best way ahead — for example, do I cut-n-paste the 1,800 words on to Mobile Industry Review? I can’t decide.

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By Ewan

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7 replies on “Are you frustrated by Nokia?”

Cutting n pasting it on to MIR would get my vote. I assumed when you set up the tinyletter thing that you’d duplicate all the content on the MIR website. Isn’t that the best plan, then your thinking gets the widest distribution?

Seriously Ewan, you need to give up on Nokia. They are not worth your time and effort. You have been a strong (yet realistic) supporter of Nokia for many years and have provided untold advice and productive suggestions but you need to accept that they are structurally incapable of change. We are seeing the middle to end of the death spiral. It has been so obvious for many years. You knew this too.

Stop apologising for Nokia executives too. Just because they are nice guys and friendly and say the right things to you doesn’t mean they are competent. They are part (if not most) of the reason why Nokia are failing. I still remember been admonished by a Nokia executive for bringing an an iPhone and a Sony Ericsson to an internal meeting when I worked for them. Tried to tell him that as head of one of their internal mobile music divisions I needed to keep tabs on the competition. Didn’t matter. This guy wasn’t even a superior either – he was a peer!

And, the world is not “ready and waiting for the company to deliver a series of knock-out blows”. Only fan bois and you seem to think that. The world is not waiting for Nokia to do anything. They are irrelevant. Is this a good thing? Nokia’s demise? No, absolutely not. I wish they were still strong for the sake of competition. Like record labels 12 years ago and MNOs four years ago, Nokia have utterly missed an amazing opportunity and are now condemned to irrelevancy in the area that matter to us.

Can we please move on? Nokia is no more.

As a shareholder, I simply want to see the head of Nokia’s Marketing department, and his/her senior staff associated with the 920 launch/debacle, completely eviscerated…in the career sense of the word. Lastly, the third party marketing firm that assisted in this tragedy should be forever removed from this company’s approved supplier list. That’s all.

Wrong. MS have a strong interest in propping up Nokia for a while yet.
At the very least, the development of the Windows Mobile / Nokia story is very interesting, whether you think they are in their death throes or not.

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