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If you care about mobile data use, give datasquasher a try

For those of you using smartphones, slightly concerned at all times about how much data you’re using (and I assume that’s nearly all you), then it’s probably time to give datasquasher a try. Get it here.

It’s only on iOS at the moment, but I suspect that they’ll be adding more OSes soon. datasquasher lets you control your mobile data use by setting the image quality you want, or by turning off video or unwanted ads etc – it puts the control into your hands and doesn’t let the operator decide whether your data is compressed.

The likes of Skyfire, Mobixell and Bytemobile do a great job of helping the operator manage data usage, compressing and load-balancing as required – but they do it for the operator and not for you. datasquasher puts the power in your hands. As you can see, it even shows you where your data is used – and, of course, saved.

Now, I expect the likes of you, dear MIR reader, already has this covered with a real “unlimited” data deal or some kind of work-around for your data usage that allows you to be free and easy in your usage. Me? I’ve done that and also pay through the nose, but I accept that as the price for doing what I do.

The real genius of datasquasher is for the normobs who right now are still concerned about mobile data usage – they see all the scary stories and they don’t understand how much data they are using to send an email, or browse the mobile web.

And of course the new 4G networks won’t change that – not if they all stick to the tariffs introduced by EE – at the faster speeds, a monthly 500mb allowance will just be used up even quicker.

So if you have a wife, mother, brother or granny concerned about the cost of their mobile data then get them to download datasquasher and then they can control it with some simple settings.

They could also go here to get a bit more advice of what their data allowance can be used on before it’s all gone. It’s a really good summary from the datasquasher team.


By Ewan

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5 replies on “If you care about mobile data use, give datasquasher a try”

There’s a few of these types of app about (Onavo on Android springs to mind). I’ve never had much success with them. Too many alerts and too much manual intervention.

Apart from roaming on a silly data tariff — in that case they’re really very useful.

For everyday use I’m not so sure people can be bothered, especially “normobs”. Can you imagine your wife (since you mention her in your posts occasionally) fiddling about with how many gigabytes Sky News has consumed?

I guess if you’re keen to save a fairly small amount of money and use a lot of internet, it would make sense. Seems more for the hobbyists.

I know a lot of operators like their users to have access to this sort of information to help them manage bill-shock — which is fair enough — and I’ll think we’ll see more of this type of dashboard.

Samsung has data usage app that can be set to warn us at a set limit then stop all data at another set limit. Also shows how much data apps use. Datasquasher does seem more useful. I got my Unltd from 3. But will mention it to my mates who pay stupid amounts for small data allowances.

I used Snappli for a while… ( and it seemed to be OK. It reported modest “gains” and I like that they are aiming to add in things like virus/malicious code protection as a value-add… but was a little nervous to have all my data going via a relatively unknown third-party.

Then I moved back to a corporate data plan and didn’t worry so much about usage any more!

That’s a good point. Most of these system seem to work by setting up a VPN and then proxying all your data… but we dont really know who these companies are sitting in the middle.
I guess Opera works a bit like that too.

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