Who do you recommend for two-way SMS in Australia?

I was talking to a colleague about SMS text messaging capabilities the other day — and in particular, discussing the power and potential of a two-way text service. Even in today’s hyper-connected app world, there’s nothing more universal than a text message.

The colleague is keen — but they’re based in Australia. Which is a problem — as I don’t know many providers in that region.

Do you have any recommendations for a firm that can provide an SMS “inbox” service in Australia? Ideally they’d offer a web-based console to send and receive text messages but if not, I suppose we could just get one built.

I suppose they’d probably need a “long” number to send/receive from as well — since they’ll want the widest possible compatibility. But they’re open to ideas.

Any suggestions?

By Ewan

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i2SMS has offices in Sydney, AU and Atlanta, Ga, USA. We have been in the two-way messaging market since 2001. Full self service portal for list management, keyword activation, long code availability, HTTP Post/Get and HTTP Send protocols, Opt Out technology, etc. We are rather well known throughout Australia and the States… email sales at i2sms dot com.

All reporting is real time, so you can easily see what is coming in/going out. You can choose to reply to incoming messages via a static response or http Post/Get. Or you can choose to not respond to the incoming messages by outputting a blank page and then respond in a way you choose. Easily can have messages routed to a chat session or any other CSR software program via the Post/Get. Pretty straight forward. Thanks, Giff

You can just log in to your account on our portal, create keywords, create lists, schedule messages, send messages instantly, decided between different long codes, see real time reporting, etc. It is a full self service portal at no extra cost. There is a simple monthly hosting fee, everything else is included. Only build your own if you want, but there is no need to do such.

I am the mBlox account manager for Australia and New Zealand and, yes, we do have a great network available for 2-way SMS communication in Australia. Whilst we don’t offer an SMS platform ourselves, we have a number of clients with fantastic platforms suited to all kinds of applications. Please feel free to drop me an email at and I can perhaps run some options by you in terms of client partners you may be interested in.

SMS Central offer 2-way SMS communication in Australia and New Zealand, and we also have an advanced, intuitive platform for self-managed campaigns. I’d be delighted to discuss this in more detail with you. Please contact me on Best wishes.

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