Buy an HTC Windows Phone from O2 and Brian Blessed will personally record a voicemail message for you

The team at O2 really know what they’re doing with this kind of marketing. It’s brilliant!

National treasure and noted sonorous actor, Brian Blessed has been engaged by O2 this week to front their HTC Windows Phone 8X marketing campaign. The full details are on the O2 news blog but here’s the gist:

  • The first 100 people to buy an HTC Windows Phone 8X or Windows Phone 8S from O2 either in store, over the phone or online will qualify. 
  • You have to Tweet the O2 team with the #brianmail hashtag ideally with a photo to let them know. They’ll check proof of purchase and if you’re successful, they’ll be in touch to ask what you want Brian to say.
  • Brian will record your customised voicemail — and, here’s the science bit — it will be transferred to your voicemail account in super-dooper high quality. Plus you’ll get the recording by email too.

I love it!

If you’ve been thinking about splashing out on a new HTC 8X or S, now might be the time. You’ve got until February 4th to qualify. But be quick.

I’ve been testing the 8X for the last few days and I am finding it (and Windows Phone 8) very pleasant indeed.

(O2, by the way, are the only network that offers a decent visual voicemail system for the iPhone.)

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