It’s official! I’ve got my own @O2 Brian Blessed voicemail recording

Only last night I was writing about @O2’s smart marketing campaign for HTC’s Windows Phone 8 devices featuring voicemails recorded personally by acting legend, Brian Blessed.

Today I got a tweet from the O2 team pointing me to the above SoundCloud archive of my own personal Brian Blessed voicemail recording. I am truly honoured! Seriously cool.

As JP from O2 commented, “We even got Brian to say ‘paradigm’ for you.”

Heh. Thank you O2! Thank you Brian.

Standby. I’ll get this on my voicemail shortly!

You can find out more about the o2 Voicemail Competition here:

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  • sweet!

  • Brilliant marketing, wish they’d doen something similar for the first iPhone 5 buyers too!

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