Why I was having trouble with Vodafone 3G: They’ve clearly put all their efforts into 4G!

Over the last half of the year I have become increasingly frustrated at the service level Vodafone have been offering on my iPhone’s 3G data connection. It’s been really difficult to get much done without depending on WiFi. It was so bad at some points that I was mentally planning my data communications according to the pubs and restaurants on my walk to work — because I knew when I’d have BTOpenzone or The Cloud WiFi connectivity. Ridiculous, really.

So when I upgraded to a 4G sim, I was metaphorically holding on to the desk with both hands. I was particularly nervous to discover whether Big Red had pulled one out the hat.

I’m pleased to say that wherever I’ve got 4G (London, mostly), the speed is excellent. I haven’t bothered with speedtests. It’s all about the actual usability for me. I am finding Vodafone’s 4G service to be comparable to that of EE, judged purely on my own perception.

I still make far more use of my 4G service from EE, but I am now able to use my iPhone sensibly. In meetings, it’s really nice to be able to quickly check email.

I can’t quite believe I’ve had to even write that sentence. This serves to show just how rubbish the 3G speeds had become. It felt like Vodafone has put all energies into the 4G network and left the tens of millions of 3G customers having to make do.

Still, it’s working now and I’m pleased. If you’ve got the opportunity to upgrade — and you’ve been getting frustrated with 3G on Vodafone, I do recommend getting an upgrade to 4G (provided you at least live or work near their 4G network).

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

3 replies on “Why I was having trouble with Vodafone 3G: They’ve clearly put all their efforts into 4G!”

Grass is always greener Ewan.

On EE my data throughput on 3G is often completely zero. Was thinking of switching to Vodafone 🙂

I know someone on a Vodafone 4G plan here in South Wales. Though there isn’t voda 4G here yet. It’ll b interesting to find out how it performs when we do get it. I been with EE since Sept. Their 3G speeds leave something to be desired but 4G is just great!

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