O2: “2 years is too long to wait for a new phone”

Saw this on the underground today.

It is a rather compelling offering from O2 — if you’ve selected the right contract options (notably O2 Refresh in this context).

Does this mean that of you’re one of the millions of O2 contract customers currently serving out a 24-month agreement, you can simply pay off the cost of your phone and O2 will waive the line rental?

I think it does. I will do some checking.


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  • It looks like current customers can buy out their contracts at 75% of the remaining value, if they wish to start on Refresh. http://www.o2.co.uk/refresh/frequent-questions#fasttrack

  • 75%? That’s better than 100% I suppose!

  • AJ

    Yeah, but its worse than 0%.

    Anyway, Refresh sucks – stupid prices.

  • naomi

    I want flirtomatic (the origanal) back! So do all my friends that dont use flirt chase! I lost contact really sad. I hate flirt chase and cant leave more than one message per login! Pls give the old users thats been on for years our site back pls!!!!

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