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Who manages Telepresence for London’s seriously wealthy?

Now there’s a question! It was one posed to me in a note from a reader this evening. Here is the full question. I wonder if you can help?

I’m writing to ask of the uber-connected MIR cognoscenti: for the seriously wealthy of London, who manages their mobile video conferencing or room-based Telepresense needs? Do any of the ‘Concierge’ firms offer this? I am about to take on the European Business Development role with a boutique Telepresence Concierge provider – a small firm of top-class Telepresence experts, who manage the executive video and VIP event services for some of Europe’s most prestigious firms. In my new role I will be looking to expand the firm’s London customer base supporting new and existing Telepresence locations, from design procure and build to full white-glove concierge technical and administrative support. Having an idea of who does this, the size of the market etc would be a great start.

My first instinct is to suggest that London’s super seriously wealthy wouldn’t know a telepresence unit from a toaster.

My second thought is to wonder whether London’s wealthy simply use the phone, or at best, FaceTime — with the grandchildren?

Of course I would expect a few individual oligarchs to have a team that sorts this kind of thing out. But just how widespread is it?

Have you any experience or perspective to offer this reader? Any companies or individuals spring to mind? Feel free to email me if you don’t feel you can’t respond publicly and I will connect you with the chap. As always I’m

By Ewan

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