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UK App developer? I need your help: Could you fill in this 3-minute survey?

Right then I need your assistance app developers. I’m helping contribute toward the UK App Developer Census being performed by research firm, VisionMobile on behalf of Google UK. I’d very much appreciate it if you could take a few moments (3 minutes, no more) to fill in your experiences. The resulting research will be shared by VisionMobile and I think the output will be valuable for the whole industry.

You can take the survey right now at this URL:

Or, for those of you who’d like a little more detail, here’s the overview care of VisionMobile:

VisionMobile has just launched the first-ever UK App Developer Census, charting the mobile app developer economy in the UK and sketching the profile of the British app developer.

The Census is an independent research by VisionMobile, commissioned by Google UK, in the form of a 3-minute survey for mobile app developers – the survey will close on May 30. The findings will be presented in a state-of-the-nation research report, the UK App Economy 2014, launched in late June, as a free report.

VisionMobile runs the largest, most global app developer research program reaching 10,000 app developers in over 120 countries. The research program tracks developer attitudes and experiences, platforms, revenues, tools and other key indicators.

This Census study tracks the demographics of UK developers, their experiences and expectations, the role of apps in the UK app economy, as well as opportunities for UK developers. This seminal research with chart the growth in the UK app economy and how developers rate funding, training and policy in the country, which should help identify areas for improvement, stimulating growth in the UK app economy.

We’d like to invite the UK developer community to stand behind this research and help VisionMobile present an accurate picture of app development in Britain.

Take the survey here:

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