My Top 7 Apps: Scott Taylor from miDrive

Happy New Year! We are back with more Top 7 apps posts, so we start of the year with Scott Taylor, CEO from miDrive.

Launched in late 2013, miDrive is using technology to revolutionise the learning to drive process.  The miDrive app is free, and available for both iOS and Android.  It has now helped more 40,000 learner drivers find qualified driving instructors and pass their driving tests more quickly, resulting in savings of up to £300.  In addition to an instructor search tool, miDrive gives learners access to an extensive library of helpful articles and videos, and offers GPS tracking of practice drives.  With the recent release of miDrive Vouchers and miDrive Pay, friends and family members can purchase a voucher for driving lessons that the learner can redeem with more than 3,000 instructors directly via the app.

Scott uses the iPhone 6 and here is his list;

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Moves: A simple and accurate daily activity tracker.  Moves automatically recognises if you are walking, running or cycling.

Sight – Sight is a really useful app!  It allows you to save interesting articles you find online to read later. All you need to do is screenshot the page and it’s there.

TED – I think this app might get overlooked so I wanted to include it.  Thought leaders and experts share their perspectives in twenty minute talks.

Road Trip – As a driving enthusiast, this app is great!  It lets you track your fuel economy, mileage and maintenance expenses.  At miDrive, we love apps that help to reduce driving costs!

Navfree – Another great driving app!  Navfree is, as far as I can tell, the best turn-by-turn, voice-guided sat nav app available for the iPhone.  Plus, it’s free!

SoundHound – Because sometimes you just need to know what that song on the radio is called!  Shazam is also great for this… but SoundHound goes as far as to recognise whistles, so if you don’t get the app open in time all hope’s not lost.

miDrive – miDrive has to make my list!  Our app helps you get your driving licence more safely, quickly and cheaply.  It allows you to browse local instructor profiles and reviews, and gives you access to an extensive library of videos and articles on learning to drive.  The app also provides GPS tracking of practice drives and allows you to pay lesson fees directly into your instructor’s bank account.

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Thanks to Scott for his list. A lot of different apps which is a great way to start the year!

If you’d like to contribute your Top 7 Apps or if you are the PR representing someone you’d like to see featured, everything you need to know about participating is right here.

By Sarah

Sarah manages the Top 7 Apps submission series on Mobile Industry Review.

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I would also add Spyglass. It’s a great navigational toolkit for different purposes. It’s top-notch for off-road and on-road navigation, hiking and traveling. It’s crammed with all that necessary data like gps coordinates, current azimuth, altitude, speed, potential arrival time to your target and much more. It can read pre-downloaded maps later when offline and provides you with extremely precise information.

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