My Top 7 apps: Nick Braund of PHA Media

I’m back with another Top 7 apps. This week we have Nick Braund from PHA Media, he is the Head of Technology & Innovation.

PHA Media is one of the UK’s leading and fastest growing PR agencies. Founded by former newspaper & magazine editor Phil Hall 10 years ago, the company has become one of the leading experts in technology media. Working with the likes of Disney, Ministry of Sound and launching a number of exciting innovative business & apps, PHA Media are known as one of the go-to businesses to help get your business mainstream press coverage across the country.

Let’s see what apps he recommends!

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Nick BraundTED: TED is one of my go-to apps every morning. Their collection of interesting, different and stimulating ‘talks’ are always a great listen about a whole host of topics, from educational to funny anecdotes.

CityMapper: The space of map apps is very congested, with new players looking to target the standard Google Maps but for my CityMapper is the best available. It’s range of detail and insight is great, it’s just a shame there isn’t a version for every city (yet).

Buzzfeed: Buzzfeed have changed the way we consume news and information for evermore. The ‘listicle’ is now the defacto form for a host of new media and their app is a slick, easy-to-use programme, offering quick, bite-sized information at your fingertips.

Happn: Mobile dating has now become the norm, whereas a few years ago, finding a mate online was seen as taboo. Tinder led the way but Happn has come in with a quality service, utilising hyper geolocalisation to help you find a suitable suitor.

Flashgap: Photo capabilities are now the most desired element of a new phone, this is as a result of social media & the public wanting to capture their moments instantly and share with the world. One of my favourite apps in this space is Flashgap – a delayed photo-sharing app where friendship groups are created, images taken & then instantly hidden until noon the next day to remind and surprise all of the involved parties.

WhatsApp: Probably the most widely used messaging app in the western world, WhatsApp has really cornered the market with the ability to create groups, while sending images and video as standard. The fact that Apple has stolen ideas from these guys really is a testament to their work.

Threes: Slightly left field but Threes has the ability to eat up more time than was previously considered humanly possible by simply adding a ‘1’ to a ‘2’ or a ‘3’ to a ‘3’. A great, fun, addictive maths game that will easily help the time fly on the way to a meeting or holiday while keeping your mind sharp.

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Thanks to Nick for his list of apps. There is a lot I currently use already, I might just have to give in and download the addictive Threes though 😉

You can follow Nick on twitter and check out the website for PHA Media too!

If you’d like to contribute your Top 7 Apps or if you are the PR representing someone you’d like to see featured, everything you need to know about participating is right here.

By Sarah

Sarah manages the Top 7 Apps submission series on Mobile Industry Review.

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