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Product Review: SafeSleeve – the world’s first anti-radiation phone wallet

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We were recently asked to review a new smartphone case – the SafeSleeve.

Now, as you can imagine, we are asked to review various types of phone cases quite regularly and it’s difficult sometimes to know what to say – other than comment on the appearance and/or general likeability of the item.  The SafeSleeve really caught my attention however, as it’s a phone case with a difference.


Developed using military grade radiation shielding technology, the SafeSleeve is the world’s first anti-radiation phone wallet.  It shields against the Electromagnetic radiation emitted by your phone (RF, ELF and Thermal) to greatly reduce your exposure, while still allowing signal to enter and exit the back of the phone.

The shielding material has undergone tests by an independent lab who have confirmed that the radiation absorption rate is reduced by at least 95% when using the shield.

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Research into the effects of radiation on the brain is still developing, but rather than wait to find out what long-term damage we are doing to ourselves, why not take the precaution now and use a protective case like the SafeSleeve?

I think what particularly struck me was this image, that came with the email of the blurb I received about the product, explaining that radiation absorption levels are significantly higher in children due to thinner skull bones – allowing for greater exposure of mobile phone radiation to the brain.


Previously perfectly happy to let my six-year old play Angry Birds/Minecraft/Smashy Road (at appropriate times) on my iPhone, after seeing this picture, I now feel like the worst mother alive – exposing him to the invisible deadly rays on a daily basis!

So I jumped at the chance to review the SafeSleeve – which arrived from Techccessorize in record time (they offer a same day despatch service).  Available in three colours; black, grey and beige (mine’s black) and a variety of sizes to fit various iPhones (5/5S/6/6S/6 Plus/6S Plus), the case is impact proof and scratch-resistant and is fastened with a simple magnetic clasp that makes accessing the phone really easy.


It also has a built-in adjustable angle stand – really useful – but most impressively is fitted with the latest Anti-RFID technology to keep up to 3 credit cards safe from electronic pickpocketing!

Retailing at £34.99 from Techcessorize – I think this is a really well-made, well-priced iPhone case that adds protection in more ways than one.  Highly recommended!

By Emma

Emma is Operations Manager at Mobile Industry Review. If you would like to enquire about contributing valuable content for our readers, she can be contacted on

2 replies on “Product Review: SafeSleeve – the world’s first anti-radiation phone wallet”

I bought a few of these for me and the rest as gifts, paid high import taxes to the UK as wanted a good quality product…that’s NOT what I got! The phone cover material absorbs any sweat from your hands leaving a stained patchy, dirty look and IT DOESNT WIPE CLEAN! So you are left with a permanently grubby looking phone case. Safesleeve customer service is very poor, I was in communications with them for 3 months before I ordered, making sure I ordered from the right company and waiting for the correct size phone cases to be in stock..Yes, this took 3 months! As soon as I realised the problem with the phone covers I requested a refund….they will only refund 50% of some of the phone covers if I send them back, not the others! How does that rectify my problem or compensate me for them providing a poor product? Let alone waiting 3 months! They were happy to respond and be helpful when I was looking to purchase from them but now they won’t respond even to my request as to a link where I can provide feedback. I wouldn’t order from them again. I gave them weeks to rectify this but they chose not to – POOR QUALITY PHONE COVER AND POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I bought my safesleeve and love it. HOWEVER, the protective case cracked my shatterproof screen cover due to its design wrapping too tightly and thus pushing the screen cover up and out. I thought perhaps it was my error, and installed a brand new shatterproof screen cover. Nope. 2nd time it just pushed two edges up into an annoying bubble. If you are buying this safesleeve, DEFINITELY budget to buy their screen cover as well because it does NOT, or did not with mine work with any other brand. I suppose I could cut it down a 32th of an inch …. ugh. Customer service was a bit snarky in dealing as well.

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