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dokiWatch: a promising smartwatch for children

dokiWatch Logo

Wearables come in all shapes and sizes these days. Smartwatches are still the most instantly recognisable and popular wearables among adults, but there haven’t been many products designed with children in mind.

A Hong Kong-based company called Doki Technologies recently provided a glimpse at dokiWatch, billed as the world’s most advanced and complete wearable phone and locator for kids aged 6-12 years old. It’s also one of the first 3G smartwatches for children to combine video calls, voice calls, messaging and tracking (and SOS functions) in one simple-to-use device.

dokiWatch say that the watch is designed for the modern family to stay connected at all times, and that the product enables parents to track their child’s location and receive notifications whenever they are at risk. dokiWatch also includes interactive kid-friendly features such as a virtual pet that doubles as a fitness tracker to keep kids engaged.

dokiWatch 1

On January 4, Doki Technologies launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for the dokiWatch, which at the time of writing has raised over $150,000 with another 16 days to go.

dokiWatch 3

dokiWatch aims to anticipate the needs of families who want to stay connected, but whose children may not yet be ready for the responsibilities of a smartphone. dokiWatch uses a combination of GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi to allow parents to accurately track their child’s location. It also has an Emergency SOS Mode for children to send immediate alerts to parents whenever there is an emergency.

Not only does dokiWatch have a comfortable, sleek, “kid-approved” design, it also includes fun interactive features for kids. The electronic pet, or “dokiPet”, doubles as a fitness tracker with dokiWatch’s built-in accelerometer to encourage kids to stay active and healthy, making dokiWatch a useful tool for parents who want to see their kids using technology in a positive way. Kids can also earn fun achievement badges based on their steps, distance, and calories burned.

dokiWatch 2

Positioned as providing “big solutions in one small device,” dokiWatch’s innovative combination of features is the result of Doki Technologies Founder and CEO Casper Chien’s experience in strategic marketing and product development at companies like Adidas and Fitbit.

Working for an innovative wearable technology leader like Fitbit gave Casper an insight into the industry, and he became discontent with the current wearable devices available for kids, which fueled his entrepreneurial drive to create dokiWatch.

dokiWatch is the realization of meticulous research and development to ensure that both parents and kids benefit from smart technology – Casper Chien, Doki Technologies Founder and CEO.

dokiWatch 4

More information about the dokiWatch can be found at

Mobile Industry Review would like to thank Joyce Chung ( and Doki Technologies for providing the information contained in this article.


  1. Have you tested this watch? I don’t think you have.

    I received the Doki watch today in the US (Nov 28, 2016) – 6 months after the delivery date.
    I followed the instructions to get it working.

    Two big problems:
    1) There is no QR code anywhere to be found and I can’t get the iPhone app to work without this QR code.

    2) I have a pre-paid SIM from H2O. I cannot get past the “locating network” screen on the watch.

    At this moment I’m beyond disappointed with this watch.

    After emailing the support email contact I get the following reply:
    Due to the high volume of emails, we will respond within 5-7 days. We apologize for the delay in response.
    Thank you for your understanding and support.

    This is absolute garbage. $180 into the trash can.

  2. This watch is a scam. I got one and it does not function as advertised. Took 2 hrs at ATT to try to activate it. It only makes outgoing calls, you cannot call to it. The video calls do not work. It does not show the correct time. Coming from China, there is no recourse to return for refund as they will ignore you. DON’T BUY.

  3. I agree DON’T BUY. I have had problem after problem with this watch and the only way to reach customer service is through an email and they rarely ever respond to the problems. The watch goes between EST and MST consistently. My kids sometimes don’t receive my messages for days. The GPS is off and not accurate. They are NOT durable, both lenses cracked within the first month. I wouldn’t have to write this if there was at least decent customer service – but located in Hong Kong, I can’t get anyone to email or call me back after 2 mos of dealing with the phone’s issues.

  4. I got the watch a couple of weeks ago.
    Short verdict – I’m satisfied

    Long verdict – I’m only satisfied, not more.

    When having questions I got the answer within a couple of days at most and I felt the service was at more than acceptable level.
    I had very few issues with network connection. It had no less, no more connection issues than any smartphone would.

    The GPS tracking suites the price of the phone (which is about half of a sports GPS watch). It is not very accurate, however it is good enough. The main problem is that it has little GPS reception inside a vehicle and poor refresh rate.
    As far as I could understand the watch can not initiate video calls, only voice calls. Only the phone calling can initiate video calls.
    Weirdly enough the admin was not added to the phone book, I had to add my self manually. Also there is no option to change the order of the phone book, you have to rewrite it all.

    At first I thought of maybe buying a cheap Chinese kids watch for less than half the price, but my conception was that if I’m thinking about my kid safety I should buy a high quality one. Right now I have my doubts weather it was a correct assumption, but I haven’t tried the other option so I can’t compare.

  5. Thank you. Honest reviews are seriously helping me to pick which product is right for my 2 boys. As a mom I greatly appreciate people who take the time and give specific issues with products so future consumers can make educated decisions on if those issues are problems that affect them


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