Three introduces Road-Fi, an in-car hotspot

Slowly but surely, the Internet is progressively becoming attached to virtually every aspect of our lives. Cisco, for instance, projects that the IoT market will include over 12.2 billion devices by 2020. The personal vehicle is also undergoing a renaissance period as far as technology goes. Apple and Google, with CarPlay and Android Auto respectively, as well as other major tech companies are focusing on redefining the user experience in cars, allowing users to integrate technology in their commutes as seamlessly as possible.

It is no wonder then that in-car Internet connections are becoming an increasing hot topic in the industry. Though you could always turn on your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot to provide Internet access to additional devices inside the car, this process is less than ideal. First and foremost, it is a huge drain on the battery and an inconvenience to boot. It is no wonder then that tech companies have taken it upon themselves to introduce more options for users wish to always be connected inside their cars without any hassle or other concerns.

Here is where the various 3G and 4G dongles come in. The Three network is the latest in a series of companies to introduce a dedicated, hotspot-creating device called the Road-Fi. Developed by Huawei, the Road-Fi is quite a stylish gadget that hooks up to your car and allows 10 devices to be connected to the 4G network. The device is automatically charged via the power supply so you will not have to worry about batteries or anything like that. Furthermore, the network’s unique position allows you to travel internationally and still make use of its services, making the Road-Fi a very attractive option for those who regularly travel in and around the United Kingdom.

Road-Fi 2

There are several options when purchasing the Road-Fi, from £10 per month on a 24-month contract to buying it outright for £59.99. There are already numerous deals available, including an appealing £15 per month deal for 20GB of data which is more than enough most of us would need during our daily commute. Of course, with digital assistants becoming better and better at voice commands and handling everyday tasks, many of us might do more than simply stream some music or check up on a couple of emails. Furthermore, families might eat up their monthly data allowance quite rapidly, especially if the kids are using video services like YouTube.

Regardless, anyone who is already invested in Three’s network might find the Road-Fi to be an attractive option. It is not the cheapest way to have Internet in your car but it is certainly one of the most convenient ones. If you have some extra cash to spare and wish to find a dedicated, easy option for in-car Wi-Fi hotspots then I can see why the Road-Fi might be ideal. I, for one, would have certainly appreciated a decent connection during long trips with family and friends. Three also seems to agree with this because their most recent survey indicated that 28 percent complained of boredom during family trips. A considerable 67 percent uses music to keep their families entertained so it is not hard to see why a stable Internet connection would be desirable.

By Adam Pothitos

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