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Review – 888poker Mobile App


The world of online casino gaming is undoubtedly a very competitive marketplace where a host of brands are vying for attention. One of the latest to step into this area is 888poker, which has launched a mobile app designed to allow poker players to get involved in games while on the move. But in this crowded market, does it have what it takes to succeed?

As you would expect, 888poker has created the app to be compatible with all major devices, which means you have your pick as to whether it is downloaded onto an iPhone or Android phone or even a tablet.

Upon registering and entering the app you are greeted with several options. You can choose from three different types of poker – Snap, Blast and Classic – and can also switch settings from playing with ‘Real Money’ to ‘Play Money’. This latter option is obviously ideal if you’re keen to warm up your skills before getting stuck into the real thing.

Settings buttons allow you to personalize the poker experience to meet your needs, and there is also the possibility to try your hand at a host of other casino games should you fancy a break from poker. Blackjack, roulette slots and even sports betting are just a few of the options which are on offer.

Going back to the poker, once you click into Classic you are given the option of joining Cash Games, Sit & Go Tournaments or Scheduled Tournaments. With Blast Poker, the app handily gives an overview of the game for the uninitiated. We won’t get into specifics here but with a tag line of “Win BIG. Win FAST. Play BLAST!” you might get the gist of what it is all about.

Snap Poker is 888poker’s own variant on the game, which launched in 2013. The aim is to keep the action going as quickly as possible, with players being dealt a new hand as soon as they choose to fold in their current game. As you’d expect it is a fast and frantic way to enjoy the game.

As with many other apps of this kind, in-game features include a text chat option which means you can get to know your opponents a little. This could be simply to make friends or to even sneakily try and understand their tactics a little better to gain the upper hand. Alternatively, you also have the opportunity to join a webcam table, where you can literally look the other players in the eye. Undoubtedly a fun addition to the world of online poker, it is a great way to enjoy banter and a joke with fellow players during a game.

All in all, the 888poker app stands out through the variety of its offerings. There is undoubtedly enough here to keep poker players of all levels entertained, from those who only like to dabble now and then to more experienced card sharks. Perhaps the one thing which may give it a nudge above its competitors is the webcam poker option, which humanizes the experience and is a strong step forward in bringing gamers together.

Where to get it: 888poker site
Price: Free

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