Struggling to Get Your Mobile App Downloaded? Use These Tips


All app developers need their app to be downloaded and used. For their app to make money, and provide a return on investment from development time and resources, it has to generate cash. To do this, it must be downloaded outright from the app store or directly from an alternate vendor.

However, Google and Apple have never publicly released how they determine which order to show apps in for certain searches. Instead, it’s been left down to app developers and marketers to test, experiment, and decide for themselves which methods have the biggest impact.

We’ll use casino-style apps as an example due to their fierce competition, popularity, and difficulty (in certain contexts), to promote in app stores.

Be Proactive and Encourage Downloads and Reviews

This is especially important for apps that aren’t available to download directly through the app store, due to age restrictions, such as real-money casino apps. So, if you wanted to be known as the best mobile casino in Canada, it would take a lot of self-promotion and manual outreach to niche review sites in order to increase your user base.

The trick is to actively encourage people to download and review your app – this can be done by directly reaching out to relevant sites. For example, being included in round-ups and reviews of mobile casino apps would put an app in front of the eyes of a relevant and engaged audience who are likely to download it. Indeed, downloads, ratings and reviews are thought to be pretty big ranking factors, which makes sense, as these are good indicators of an app’s quality.

Target your App Title and Description by Using Keywords in App Stores

There are various ways you can optimize your app store listing around keywords, but the methods which have the biggest impact are making sure your keywords are in your app’s title. This doesn’t mean you should give your app a spammy title, but rather, you should aim for a descriptive title.

For example, if you were trying to increase the visibility of a slots game, you may want to include specific keywords like “video slots” or “reels” within the title and description.

The app stores also give you the option to explicitly list some keywords you want associated with your apps, so this is a good chance to put forward some contextually relevant words that people may use to search for apps within your target genre. For a slots app, you could include keywords like “payline”, “wild”, “bet” or “casino”, as these are all relevant, especially for ever popular ‘social casino’ games.

Use These Tips to Give Your Apps the Best Chance to Succeed

App promotion is very difficult thing to master, and it’s one of the main reasons why a lot of apps fail. If an app isn’t actively being used, or hasn’t secured a good volume of downloads and purchases from within the app store, it can be extremely difficult to make a return on the development costs.

By taking the time to properly plan and execute a promotional strategy, you can stimulate growth within your user base, which is vital for the life cycle of any app.


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