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So there's a new iPhone about to...

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That LG Wing? Could LG deliver cool once more?

I’ve been watching now and again for mentions of the LG Wing and it seems like the excitement is building in the run up to an announcement on September 14th next week.

I have a soft spot for LG, I really do. I’ve spent a lot of money LG mobile phone hardware over the years – and I’ve been rewarded with quality devices and good user experiences, especially when they hit their stride in premium Android devices. Well over 10 years ago I was blogging about the LG G3, for example.

Now and again I’ve raised an eyebrow at the very latest reboot from LG but I have felt the company has been delivering some good, if not astonishing innovations across the last few years. Much the same with Samsung. Now I don’t want to downplay the fabulous engineering advances and capabilities that both companies have been introducing on a regular basis… just, I have found it difficult to be really excited.

LG Wing does certainly cause me to raise an eyebrow – and keep it raised. The basic concept? Two phones stuck on top of each other that you twist to access and use the screen for a wholly different user experience.

Here’s an animated promo example highlighting the upcoming launch:

Yeah… it doesn’t really tell you much apart from the concept of how the device is meant to work, although the team at Hot Hardware collated these two Android Authority ‘leaks’ that appear to show the device in the real world:

Interesting. The swivel screen mechanism… how have the engineered that?

Here’s the other video:


This could be a revolutionary device format, or it could get really boring, really quickly.

I do think it could have some legs. Or wings.

But given it’s possibly two premium devices stuck together, does that mean this is also a GBP 2,000 retail cost? Or are they going to aim for a different segment with something around half that? We shall see.

You know what’s good? Innovation. Differentiation. New. Challenging. Testing. Experimenting. For the longest time we’ve had same-same-same. Now we’re looking at the LG Wing, the Huawei Mate XS, the Samsung Duo. Yes please. Keep the excitement coming.

And let’s see how things look on September 14th.

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