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Just signed up for my App World vendor account

I just signed up for my BlackBerry App World vendor account. It was a four-step process that took about 6 minutes. I need this...

Do you need US iTunes Store credit? I recommend JerryCards.com!

I've had a US iTunes account for quite a while now. It's been thoroughly useful across the years when I've needed to test out...

What’s the largest # of iPhones/iPads activated on an iTunes account?

Following on from my post the other day where I asked if anyone knew the limit of iPhone/iPad activations per iTunes account, it seems...

Time to visit a Vodafone UK store

It’s that time again. I am off to visit a Vodafone store to find out what’s going on with my five lines. I’m going to change around some of the price plans and decommission the lines I don’t need

Just tried to get an Orange UK account

I just popped down to the Orange UK shop to get an account setup there. The chap said, "Sure sir, no problem, we just need...

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