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Aeromobile is off to a flying start in 2015

Over the past few years, you may have noticed talk of being able to use your mobile phone on a plane. Despite what seems like many years of discussion on the topic, you might not realise that some airlines have already installed special mobile network technology onboard, enabling you to get online before you reach your destination. One company in particular, Aeromobile, […]


Qantas opens up SMS and email for Aussie flyers

Just days after Emirates announced plans to offer in-flight mobile connectivity, Qantas has revealed its going ahead with a plan to provide passengers with SMS and e-mail functionality on planes, also using Aeromobile kit. The launch follows a trial which finished earlier this year. During 2008, Qantas will start rolling out the service on some […]


In-flight mobile calls take off with Emirates

The world has finally got its first commercial in-flight mobile service, thanks to Emirates and supplier AeroMobile. Emirates saw its first call on flight EK751, on a plane travelling between Dubai and Casablanca yesterday. According to AeroMobile, it’s the first time that voice calls have been allowed on commercial airline flights, after the European Aviation […]