In-Flight Wi-Fi Adoption Boosted by Budget Airlines, to Reach More Than 10,400 Aircraft by 2020

Did you fly somewhere exotic over the holidays? Moreover, did the airline provide in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity? Just a few years ago, the thought of using a mobile phone onboard seemed like it would never become a reality but today, several thousand aircraft and dozens of airlines have installed Wi-Fi. This month, an annual report from Route Happy reveals that in-flight web access is growing among […]

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Wearable Wednesday: EasyJet gets onboard with wearables

Wearables are one of those technologies that’s always on the verge of mainstream adoption, but yet is always still “just around the corner”. We already have smartwatches and fitness trackers in abundance, but as far as wearable tech clothing goes, it’s still not really taken off. That’s all about to change at least as far as the […]

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Aeromobile is off to a flying start in 2015

Over the past few years, you may have noticed talk of being able to use your mobile phone on a plane. Despite what seems like many years of discussion on the topic, you might not realise that some airlines have already installed special mobile network technology onboard, enabling you to get online before you reach your destination. One company in particular, Aeromobile, […]