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News: mobile banking use grows 54% in the UK

A new report called “The Way We Bank Now”, from the BBA, a trade association that represents the UK banking industry, reveals how popular mobile banking has become, as UK consumers increasingly rely on online services and new tech to access and manage their finances. In fact, mobile banking is actually now ahead of desktop banking, in which […]

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Exclusive: Banking apps aren’t killing the banks

We’ve just had the results of the latest survey from our friends at One Point Global that we are keen to share with you. The purpose of the survey was to find out if people had stopped visiting bank branches.  Considering the growth in mobile banking and predictions that mobile banking will have overtaken all […]

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Mobile first: The future for next generation banking

I’ve been at it again on LinkedIn. I came across a survey from Accenture via Finextra that reports almost 40% of North American 18-34 year olds don’t want to bother with bank branches. The ramifications for the finance world are substantial. And the ramifications for the growth of mobile first banking services are profound. Have […]

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HSBC’s absolutely rubbish business banking app (and its’ brilliant RBS competitor)

Do any of the readers have company accounts with HSBC? Have you tried their HSBC Business app? I have no issue whatsoever telling you that it’s the ugliest piece of rubbish I’ve seen from a multi billion dollar company, ever. I wonder precisely which executive approved this application for publication? It’s horrific. Utterly horrific. When […]

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Canadian operator Rogers files to become a bank

This is one of the highest profile examples of an operator filing to become a bank. Most of the time when I speak to senior executives about their plans in this area, they reply that, ‘all that filing-to-be-a-bank stuff is complicated’, and the conversation ends. It’s nice to see an operator doing something a little […]

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BuzzCity’s mobile money research: 90% have purchased via mobile

Mobile media company, published a report on mobile money recently, based on research they did across their rather sizeable worldwide audience. In case you’re wondering, here’s a break down of their mobile page impressions last year across their top countries: Very impressive. BuzzCity placed text banners across their ad network and got 1,798 respondents. Here’s […]

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LloydsTSB’s shit hot mobile banking service

I’ve been playing with LloydsTSB‘s wickedly good mobile banking service. On a Samsung handset, no less. The just released it today so if you’re a LloydsTSB customer, you’ll be able to keep track of your bank account and transfer money between accounts using their dedicated mobile application. I’ll have more details and some screenshots shortly. […]

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Mobile Bank of America gets 1 million users

Bank of America has been signing people up to its mobile banking service quicker than you can say Big Mac and fries – according to BoA, there are now one million active users doing their finances by mobile and over four million banking sessions taking place every month. The bank says Los Angeles residents are […]

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816 million mobile bankers by 2010

Mobile banking is set to skyrocket, according to mobile analysts Juniper Research, with 816 million of us using mobile banking services by 2011, a tenfold increase on the 2007 figure. The analysts reckon that the annual number of global mobile banking transactions will rise from 2.7 billion in 2007 to 37 billion by 2011, while […]

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