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Is being able to charge your phone at work a human right?

Yesterday I was reading in the Telegraph about the officers and civilian staff at Sussex Police who have recently been instructed not to charge their personal phones (and other related devices) at work. On the face of it, there’s a reasonable argument — over to the Telegraph post: The force must find £50 million worth […]


Batteries: Can we stop talking about mAh and start talking “Feels like”

Geez. I can’t seem to read a press releases these days without being told about a handset’s amazing ‘1,650 mAh’ battery life. Or 1,800 mAh. Or whatever. I really don’t care. Let’s take the specs of one phone I was just looking at. It’s got a 1,500 mAh battery. That, the vendor reckons will deliver: […]


iPhone gets a new hard casing, whilst increasing battery life by a factor of two

Apple accessory company Incase has just announced a new extended battery for the 3G Apple iPhone, doubling its longevity whilst providing a USB port too. Arriving at the end of the month, the Power Slider will also be available from the Apple store online at just $99.95. Only a few weeks back we brought you […]


Survey shows battery life as biggest mobile complaint

I picked up the survey of 31,000 UK mobile phone buyers this morning. Here’s the best features: 15.3% demonstrates that above all, UK purchasers want a handset that looks good. It’s a fashion item. A measly amount want email — only 1.2%. That’s to be expected though when you talk to normobs. I’m not […]