Long-distance relationships

Ben Harvey risks castration by discussing his long-distance text relationship with a girl called Charlie. Let’s hope she doesn’t Google him and find what he’s written.. – – – – So, there was this girl. Oh! I wonder how many stories of heartbreak & regret have started with those five little words…anyway, there was this girl, […]

It’s a boy/girl thing

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and Ben Harvey is possibly from a small planet in the vicinity of Beetlejuice. This week, our favourite Friday afternoon provocative columnist talks about the differences between men and women. – – – – I do love stereotypes. I do! They make the world easier for my […]

Drowned in Sound at Glastonbury

Ben Harvey, with his SMS Text News reporter badge covered in mud, has managed to transmit his latest Friday column to us from a field, somewhere near the little village of Glastonbury. – – – – – – So, there I was, knee-deep in mud (or, at least, something wet and brown), watching the Killers […]

Ben Harvey: Drawing the line

Ben Harvey returns this week clutching his big book of Sunrise Times after dancing with the druids at Stonehenge. – – – – – – So, anyway, there I was, stood in a crowd of ten thousand hippies at four in the morning, all of us assembled just to watch the sun come up. I’m […]

Ben Harvey: What happens when you go 88 miles an hour…

Ben Harvey returns with his weekly Friday afternoon column – and this week he’s looking into his crystal ball and making some predictions for the future. – – – – Looking back through the history of mobile telephony always reminds me of those terribly clichéd film montages of time-travel; you know the ones – pages […]


Reasons why mobiles are banned in the BB house

Inflammatory Mr Ben Harvey returns this week with a look at uber-popular reality show, Big Brother. The eigth series begun on Wednesday (you can get the whole shebang at www.channel4.com/bigbrother/. There’s always been speculation about housemates with secret mobile phone stashes, so Ben’s given the issue a bit of Friday afternoon treatment. – – – […]

Foreigners – they’re not like us

Ben Harvey returns for another observation for a Friday afternoon, fresh from a week of relaxation in Portugal. – – – – They say that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone – mostly, this is true, especially in the areas of money & being happy with your own body. However, it really […]


One of those days…

After talking about his experience with mobile phone retailers last week, SMS Text News reader Ben Harvey is back with a little Friday afternoon entertainment. Just don’t ask him about his day… – – – – – – I’m having one of those days. Like it or not, you and your mobile are partners and, […]


The seven deadly sins of mobile retail sales

SMS Text News reader, Ben Harvey, documents the seven deadly sins of mobile retail sales. Can you recognise them? – – – – – – I do love going into mobile phone outlets on the high-street. The same alluring smells that float out of your favourite restaurant, of your favourite car, the smells that relax […]