Is Michael Jackson converting customers to o2 this morning?

Finally, the benefits of being an o2 customer are becoming clear! If you’d like to go to one of Michael Jackson’s strictly limited (until next time) concerts at the o2 Dome, then this morning was D-Day for you. Priority tickets were available from 7am this morning to o2 customers. I still don’t really see the […]


Converting Britain’s pensioners to ShoZu, one group at a time

I’m sat in Cafe Rouge in one of the Home Counties. I won’t identify the specific one or the rather nice town in which I’m currently located, because I plan a few sweeping generalist comments and I don’t want hate mail from the local council’s online PR department (as happened recently with an unnamed English […]


Converting an application from Symbian to Windows Mobile

Daniel caught me the other day. He’s a mobile developer working on some nifty communications services aimed at Ethiopians throughout the world. He’s got some chaps to create a Symbian S40/S60 version of the service he’s aiming to launch — and is wondering how difficult it will be to convert the application to work on […]