iPhone Day is finally upon us, the rumours will shortly be over!

  Have you been sick of the sodding iPhone rumours? They’ve been never-ending, they really have. Tomorrow at 6pm London, the industry will take a collective deep breath and hold it for 90-odd minutes. Well, I presume something like 90 minutes. I haven’t actually looked at any timings. I can’t be bothered. I’ve had enough […]


LG Cookie sync’ed… finally!

After a restart, and another restart, we were good. My LG Cookie is connected! The key function I want is the ability to sync my contacts: I click on the SYNC button. I get the following problem: Well, I started Outlook as I thought you’d need it opened. Ok. Let me close that then. Ok […]


T-Mobile UK dipping into social media, finally

Anna and Will from NixonMcInnes are working with T-Mobile UK to bring them into the 21st Century. And it’s a good job they are. For a long time, T-Mobile have been the proverbial arse-in-the-corner, ignoring the blogosphere because it’s, well, unknown.. and filled with.. er… the great unwashed… For any organisation accustomed to broadcasting to […]