News – get your app on it

Nokia’s iTunes app store equivalent is called the ‘Ovi Store’. is the address you need. You can register today. 70 percent revenue share to the developer and you can monetise across a whole host of countries. The first handset with Ovi Store pre-installed? The N97. But most of your recent Nokia handsets will be […]


Get an LG Renoir for £299 inc VAT. Today.

Expansys have knocked £60 off their LG Renoirs — for today only, between 11am and 4pm. So you have be double quick to qualify. But if you were thinking of buying a Renoir… this looks like a rather good deal! Here’s the link you need. (They’ve also got £35 off the Nokia E51).


Buddycloud’s new Symbian application is out! Get it!

I had a note in from Simon Tennant, one of the top chaps at mobile social services, Buddycloud. They’ve been innovating at a tremendous pace and Simon emailed with this update: – – – – – Ewan, We don’t really do press releases but I wanted to ping you about what have been beavering away […]


iTAGG will get you live in under 10 minutes

Good morning to everyone at mobile services company, iTAGG, who’ve gone live with some advertising here on Mobile Industry Review. Thank you to Steve and the team. You’ll see them in rotation here on the site. Here’s what they’ve gone live: iTAGG allows you to signup in 10 mins and for just £50 per year […]