“YEAH, I’M ON THE TRAIN”: One reader’s tale of the yuppie and his plastic dreams

The use of the word tosser — an emotive one at the best of times, unless you’re referring to the salad people* — in my piece about Google Glass has struck a chord with a lot of MIR readers. I was umming and ahhing over the use of the word but decided to go for […]

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Google Glass: Is the brand and concept already damaged beyond repair?

I have been rather enthusiastic about Google Glass. I am really pleased Google has spent so much time and effort pushing the platform and the concept. There is clearly a real value to the technology.  This example that I came across of Glass being used to help hospital bound children experience life in a zoo […]

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“Ok Glass: Take me to the Zoo”

Take a few moments and watch this implementation of Google Glass by the team at the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Houston and Houston Zoo. This is probably the first time I’ve seen Google Glass being used in a manner outside the standard ultra-geek methodology. In fact this video is worth watching to demonstrate just how […]